Five Easy Ways to Make Your Lash Extensions Last

Five Easy Ways to Make Your Lash Extensions Last

Lash extensions can be easily maintained and looking good for longer by following these few simple steps. 


1. Keep them clean

Use an oil free lash foam cleanser and a spot cleaning brush and clean daily. BL Lash have created a pH neutral lash foam which is gentle on eyes and easy to use. Half a squirt is usually enough for each eye. If you have been wearing a lot of eye makeup you may need to rinse and repeat.

Use the spot cleansing brush with a gentle circular motion on the lashes including the at the base of the lashes. Pat or air dry and comb through with a clean dry lash brush.

Dirty lashes can lead to blepharitis which is an eye condition that causes inflammation and eyelids can become sore, swollen and red.


2. Use a good lash artist

They will consider your long term lash health as important. Use someone that won't load your lashes up for short term gains and who maintains a clean workspace and practices hygiene and infection control. Healthy natural lashes mean better retention.


3. Be consistent

Go to your lash appointments regularly. Your lash artist will remove any dangling lash extensions, preventing them from tangling, catching or pulling. It will also remove the temptation to use stick ons or concealing patches with a mascara not safe to use with lash extensions, degrading the bond of the remaining lashes even further.


4. Do not pick!

Lashes are like your eyebrows, if you pluck them often enough they will stop growing back. If your lashes are starting to look a bit crazy, you’re overdue for an infill. Sweep them up into position as best you can with a clean lash brush in the meantime while you wait to see your lash artist.


     5. Choose suitable lashes for your natural lashes.

    If your lashes are super fine, it’s not wise to overload your natural lashes. It can lead to early shedding. The weight of the lash extension bears down on the natural lash like a ripe fruit, ready to drop. A good lash artist can create the illusion of fuller lashes using volume fans or a lifted curl.