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BL Lash

BL Lash Foam Cleanser

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BL Lash Foam Cleanser is a pH balanced lash shampoo to use on your lash extensions at home to keep them clean and healthy. BL Lash Foam does not weaken the lash extension bond.

BL Lash Foam is an oil-free lash cleanser, botanically infused with extracts of allantoin, zanthoxylum piperitum fruit, pulsatilla Koreana, and Usnea Barbata with a gentle citrus fragrance, specially formulated to be super gentle and completely safe for eyes.

BL Lash Foam has the neutral pH balance of 7-7.2, the same pH level as our tears, reducing the chance of irritation. Many lash cleansers have a pH balance of 4.5 to 5.5 which is slightly acidic and can cause discomfort. It can also make the lashes slippery, compromising lash extension application.

For best results, clean with a reusable spot cleanser brush.  

  • Botanically infused oil-free lash cleanser 
  • pH balance of 7 to 7.2 to be super gentle and safe for eyes
  • Helps maintain clean and healthy lashes after extensions, improving lash extension retention
  • Safe to use on lash extensions, can be used every day
  • Will not weaken the lash extension bond